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metal metalcore music bands trivium thrash
bring me the horizon British metalcore band from Sheffield
music underoath metalcore screamo
metal metalcore music bands trivium thrash
dead throne prada the devil wears metalcore best
metallic metalcore texture
metalcore singers photoshop music
bullet for my valentine album covers metalcore best
chimaira album covers metalcore best widescreen background awesome
metal shogun metalcore music bands trivium album covers

I didn't deserve Jeremy's kindness. I knew that. I suppose that was why I always questioned his motivation. In the beginning, every time he'd done something nice for me, I'd searched for a glimpse of evil behind the kindness, some nefarious motivation. After all, he was a monster. He had to be evil. When I'd realized there was nothing bad in Jeremy, I'd latched on to another excuse: that he was good to me because he was stuck with me, because he was a decent guy and maybe even because he felt some responsibility for what his ward had done to me. If he took me to Broadway plays and expensive dinners for two, it was because he wanted to keep me quiet and happy, not because he enjoyed my company. I wanted him to enjoy my company, but couldn't believe in it because I didn't see much in myself to warrant it.

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